Express Video Course “3ds max from scratch in one day”

3,999 руб.

New express video course allowing you to learn 3d modeling, texturing and rendering in 3ds Max from scratch just in one day.
(English version)

Number of video tutorials: 6
Duration of each tutorial: 45 min.
Skill level: Beginner

Author: Konstantin Timofeev

Video Course Description

Tell me honestly, are you not tired of spending your precious time month after month and a big amount of money on endless grueling training in 3d graphics for various courses of the same type? Do you know the feeling when at the next monotonous tutorial you are no longer able to recall what was said a few tutorials ago? A huge amount of complicated boring terminology and unnecessary secondary facts dissolve in themselves those grains of really important information for which you spent your money and time. And what awaits you at the end of such a “training”? Bundles of useless abstracts and a complete lack of understanding of how to use all this for yourself in practice. And the ghostly prospect of mastering the modern, sought-after profession of a 3d artist floats away from you along with precious time …

But what if you find the exact opposite way?

Here it is! This is our new express video course “3ds Max from scratch in one day”!

This video course opens a completely new format for teaching 3d graphics, in which everything is different. The video course consists of only six tutorials, each tutorial has a length of about 45 minutes. On this video course you will not find either boring terminology or unnecessary secondary facts. Only the most important information, only really necessary knowledge. All material is explained easily, readily and with simple examples. Thanks to this filtering of unnecessary informational “garbage” you will be able to confidently understand the 3ds Max the next day and your mind will remain clear. The minimum number of the video course tutorials makes it easy to review all the material repeatedly, each time reinforcing the skills more and more.

The topic of the express video course includes all the necessary sections, thanks to which the next day you can successfully begin to engage in independent creativity in 3d graphics. Here you will find the necessary information on the 3ds Max interface and tools, on the working principles and methods of 3d modeling, texturing and rendering.

The video course is created for the listener with any level of 3ds Max knowledge, since training is conducted from scratch. At the end of the video course you can create your own 3d models and renderings of any types. The video course recorded on the 3ds Max 2019, but it is also suitable for previous 3ds Max versions.


Video Course Episodes

Video Course First Tutorial

Examples of work in 3ds Max